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Show Preview/Billy Schenck

southwestartcovercropThe Technicolor paintings of Billy Schenck crystallize the ethos of the American West into iconic images: a lone chief on a butte, a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. As striking as they are, though, Schenck’s pop images capture something beyond simple landscape or portrait: His oils express an attitude, and his stance is a pendulum between the romantic and the irreverent.  <read more>

Western & Pop Art Collide in the Paintings of Bill Schenck

faconWhether sensitive celebrations of the American West or irreverent satires of its dark history, the paintings of Bill Schenck express a love for Western life that transcends traditional boundaries of genre. <read more>


Tidewater Times Review of Schenck in the 21st Century: The Myth of the Hero and the Truth of America

tidewatertimeslogo1Gene Autry sang Happy Trials to You, and housewives all the way from the Great Plains to Texas and across the southern borders of California dreamed of romance… <read more>


Bill Schenck: All Things Western

waclogoAs Beau Alexander of Maxwell Alexander Gallery says, “Bill eats, drinks and sleeps the lifestyle depicted in his work.”
<read more>


Billy Schenck’s New West

santafeanlogoOne of art’s latest trends revolves around the idea of a New West–a refiguring of the landscape and those rugged individuals from days of old. <read more>


Pop Maverick

swart-logoBilly Schenck’s approach to cinematic subjects still blazes fresh trails in western art. <read more>